LSSD Students Shine at National Invention Convention

Lebanon Special School District is proud to announce the accomplishments of our student inventors. We are inspired by the creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity they displayed during this national competition. We also want to thank the parents and teachers who empower these young minds to pursue their passion for inventing.  
Student representatives:James Fakes, Adelyn Long, Avery McDowell, and Tensley Smithhisler - 4th Grade Castle Heights Elementary
Kenzie Johns and Anna Smithhisler - 6th Grade Winfree Bryant Middle
Students at US Invention Convention National Competition
Sixth grade Winfree Bryant students Kenzie Johns and Anna Smithhisler received 2nd place awards for their Chick, Chick Food and the Industry Innovation Award for Agriculture and Food. Congratulations ladies on your accomplishments.  They were the only students from Tennessee to win an award at the National Invention Convention!
Awards for Nation Invention Convention Competition