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Children Who Learn Together, Learn to Live Together

The Lebanon Special School District’s Special Education Department strives to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities in many ways. Believing that special education is a “service” and “not a place to go” allows us to provide services to students in their least restrictive environment, as required by law.
Inclusion: specific academic and behavioral services provided by a collaborative team consisting of the special educator, general educator, educational specialist and paraprofessionals to the student in the general education program.
Comprehensive Development Classroom: services in this program include one-on-one and small group instruction at the student’s functioning level of ability in all areas.
Speech & Language Services: The District currently employs four speech and language therapists to assist children inclusively and/or on a pull-out basis with specific deficits in the areas of speech articulation and language delays.
Deaf-Education: The deaf-educator serves children who have been identified as deaf and/or hard of hearing. Services include direct instruction, sign language interpretation, and collaboration on specific equipment/device purchases.
Occupational Therapy: The occupational therapist is contracted to evaluate and provide support to students requiring assistance in the areas of fine motor skills and sensory needs as they relate to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.
Physical Therapy: Based upon a student’s individual education plan, the physical therapist assist students in physically accessing their school environment for optimal success.
Vision Services: The district, in collaboration with the TNDOE, provides materials and specialty instruction to students with visual impairments.
Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology services are considered during the development of every students Individualized Education Plan. Assistive Technology services are provided to ensure that every student, regardless of their disability, has equal access to their curriculum and other activities provided for all students.
Homebound Services: A student that has been diagnosed with a medical disorder or ailment (with specific documentation provided by the physician), that is likely to be absent for school for 2+ weeks consecutively, may be deemed eligible for this service. An IEP team will convene to determine the length and duration of the service.
Alternative Special Education Program: Jones Brummett Elementary School houses one alternative special education program. Students are placed into this program based on the outcome of a manifestation determination, discipline review and updated IEP. This program serves students with disabilities that require additional behavior and pro-social skills training to allow for successful reintegration into the general education program. Students participate in a level system of points and privileges. Upon exiting the program, students receive Inclusion support services within the general program.
Taylor McElroy - Director of Special Education, (615) 449-6060
Chelsey Curry - Education Specialist
Debbie Hatfield - Education Specialist
Anna Petersen - Education Specialist
Haley Pitcock - Education Specialist