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Coordinated School Health

Ronie McPeak
Coordinated School Health/Student Support Specialist
397 North Castle Heights Avenue
Lebanon, Tennessee 37087
Phone: 615.449.6060
Fax: 615.449.5673 or 615.443.6301
The mission of Coordinated School Health is to improve students’ health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools. The physical, social and emotional health of students can support or hinder their academic success and prospects for a productive and healthy life.
The CDC’s Coordinated School Health (CSH) Model is a systematic approach that ensures that a school community effectively links health with educational success through eight components.
  1. Health Education
  2. Physical Education
  3. Health Services
  4. Nutrition Services
  5. Counseling and Psychological Services
  6. Healthy School Environment
  7. Health Promotion for Staff
  8. Family/Community Involvement
Each school in our district has a Healthy School Team representative of the eight components. Healthy School Teams annually review and update the LSSD Wellness Policy as needed. All schools in our district are compliant with the district Wellness Policy. Healthy School Teams use the School Health Index to assess needs and oversee planning and implementation of school health efforts within the eight components. If you’d like join a Healthy School Team at your child’s school, please feel free to contact me or the school principal.