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Teaching and Learning

 The Teaching and Learning Department supports student achievement by providing assistance and guidance in curriculum training and implementation, professional development, implementation of state and federal mandates, and school improvement planning.
Teaching and learning are the heart and soul of our learning community. It is essential that instructional programs be focused, engaging, demanding, and differentiated. As educators, we understand that lessons must be aligned with state and national curriculum standards. Additionally, by providing a variety of active and technological learning processes, we are empowering our students to view class work as a valuable and engaging learning experience connected to a real-world context. Through the process of differentiated instruction, we are consistently providing developmentally appropriate instruction as a means to meet the needs of every student. Further, LSSD teachers are utilizing a variety of instructional strategies specific to both small and large group instruction as well as individualized instruction to empower all students. As professional educators, it is our goal to truly maximize the success of all students in the LSSD learning community. We realize that the powerful vehicles of teaching and learning, through which we connect with and guide our students, are essential elements in a student-centered mission.
Pam Sampson
Director of Teaching and Learning