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The Lebanon Special School District’s mission is “committed to a community of excellence”. The district provides instruction for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade as well as services for children qualifying for special education. The Lebanon Special School District of Wilson County, Tennessee, was established by a special act of the Tennessee General Assembly in 1901. Originally, the school district corresponded to the Tenth Civil District. It has been enlarged twice, taking in areas of the Third Civil District.
The Lebanon Special School District is funded by: the State of Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) Act, a percentage of Wilson County property and sales tax, and the Lebanon Special School District tax. The state of Tennessee allocates funding for each school district in the state based upon the TISA public school funding formula. Tennessee statute provides for a student-based funding approach. Wilson County government is required to provide funding for the current operations and maintenance of schools as determined by the weighted full-time equivalent average daily attendance of students. The Act of 1901 levied a tax on the properties of the district for operational purposes.
The original legislative act that established LSSD provided for a three-member school board to govern the school district. The board members are elected at large by the voters of the district and serve a term of four years. One member is elected each two years at the time of the local general elections. In vacancy situations, the unexpired term may be filled by appointment of the LSSD Board of Education. Such appointment shall serve the remainder of said term.  The chairman of the board is selected by the board members and serves at their leisure.
The school board will transact all business at official meetings, which may be either regular or special. The Board will hold regular meetings at least quarterly for the purpose of transacting public school business; provided that the chairperson may call special meetings whenever in the chairperson’s judgment, the interest of the public schools requires it or when requested to do so by a majority of the board. All board actions are recorded within the official minutes of the board. These minutes are bound in permanent form and submitted for approval at a subsequent meeting of the board. Board meetings are open to the public and are held in the office of the director or other specified location. Board agendas and approved Board minutes are posted on the district website.
The Lebanon Special School District Board of Education sets policies that give direction to the proper operation of the school district. All policies​​​​​​​ are posted on the district website.