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Nutrition services assure access to a variety of nutritious, affordable, and appealing meals in school that accommodate the health and nutrition needs of all students.  School nutrition programs reflect the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other criteria to meet the complete nutrition needs of students.
Each school's nutrition program also offers a learning laboratory for classroom nutrition and health education that helps students develop skills and habits in selecting nutritionally appropriate foods, and serves as a resource and link with nutrition-related community services and educational programs.  Qualified professionals such as experienced, knowledgeable school food supervisors and registered dietitians provide these services.
For more information about the LSSD nutrition program, visit Child Nutrition Services.
All foods and beverages sold at school during the school day must meet nutritional standards established from the Smart Snacks Law.  The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold (a la carte, in the school store, and vending machines) on campus during the school day.  The school day refers to the period from the midnight before to thirty minutes after the end of the official school day.
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