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Family/Community Engagement Policy

  • The Lebanon Special School District (LSSD) will involve parents and family members in developing its annual district plan through focus group meetings during the second semester each year. 
  • LSSD Central Office Personnel will provide coordination, technical assistance, and other support to schools in planning and implementing effective parental engagement activities  to improve student performance. This includes making Title I Family Engagement funds available to Title I schools and being involved at family engagement events.
  • LSSD will coordinate and integrate to the extent feasible Title I-A parental engagement strategies with parent engagement strategies under other programs including our state-funded Pre-Kindergarten classes.
  • LSSD will assemble a Family and Community Engagement (FACE) council to meet twice per year.  This team will be comprised of representatives from parents of students in elementary and middle school, representatives from community agencies, and representatives from LSSD.  The purpose of this meeting is to communicate district and community initiatives with stakeholders and to get stakeholder input regarding district programs. 
  • LSSD will conduct, with the meaningful involvement of parents and family members, an annual evaluation of the parent and family engagement policy in improving the academic quality of all Title I schools to include the identification of any barriers to greater participation by parents of various backgrounds and use the findings to design more effective parental engagement.  This will be done each Spring through two venues:  FACE Advisory Council and Parent Surveys at each Title I school.  Results from the advisory council and parent surveys will be communicated to the leadership team at each Title I school for consideration and implementation when applicable. 
  • LSSD will involve families in school activities to include developing, revising, and reviewing each school’s family engagement policy.
  • LSSD will provide ongoing opportunities for family engagement at all its schools.  These opportunities will be planned through meaningful consultation with families in order to determine what topics would be most useful for them.  These opportunities will be designed to give families ideas about how to help their children with learning in such areas as literacy, technology, and mastery of state academic standards.   
  • To the extent practical, LSSD and its schools will provide full opportunities for the participation of parents who are English learners, parents with disabilities, and migratory children, including providing information and school reports in an understandable and uniform format including alternative formats, upon request, and, to the extent practicable, in a language parents understand.
  • Each Title I school will hold at least one annual meeting for Title I parents; offer a flexible number of meetings; involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of each school-wide Title I program;  provide Title I parents and families with timely information about academic programs; if requested, provide opportunities for regular meetings to discuss the education of their children; and develop a school-parent compact that outlines the responsibilities of each party for improved student academic achievement. 
  • Stakeholder Review/Update 2/9/24