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Student Transfer Request

Request for Student Transfer for the 2024-2025 School Year
Opens April 1, 2024 and closes on May 1, 2024



The State of Tennessee specifies how school districts must consider transfer requests. School Board Policy 6.206 provides the procedures for families to request a student attend a school outside of their attendance zone.
Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-2-128 requires that school districts identify available space in each school that may be used to serve additional students out of zone. Districts are allowed to reserve a reasonable number of enrollment spaces for growth within each school zone.

Students currently attending on an approved Out of Zone Transfer do not need to reapply

  • Students must reside in the Lebanon Special School District to request a transfer.
  • The out-of-zone transfer request window is April 1 through May 1 each school year. No out-of-zone Transfer requests will be considered after the window closes.
  • Schools that are at capacity cannot accept transfer requests and any requests for those schools will be denied. However, consideration may be granted for siblings of currently enrolled students.
  • Current Pre-K students must attend Kindergarten at their zoned school.
  • Transportation to and from the out-of-zone school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • In the event out-of-zone transfer requests exceed available open seats, a lottery will be conducted on or before May 31, 2024.
  • All students must register through Skyward - Family Access, selecting their zoned school. 
  • If a child is on an approved transfer for an out-of-zone school in 2023-2024, the family should register/verify online for that school for 2024-2025 school year.
  • Students in the 5th grade on approved transfer will automatically follow that elementary - middle school path without the need to apply.
  • Students must maintain appropriate behavior, attendance and grades or their out-of-zone exemption may be revoked.
  • Once a student establishes an athletic record at a middle school, they are not eligible to participate for one calendar year in athletics at another middle school within the district without a bona fide change of residence.
  • Students currently attending on an approved Out of Zone Transfer do not need to reapply
Change of Residence
If there is a change of residence after August 1st and you wish for your student to remain at the current school, a transfer request must be submitted.  Students who present evidence that they will move during the school year and who desire to enroll in a new school in the new area may do so with prior written request for a change of school area.  These requests must be submitted at the Central Office located at 397 North Castle Heights Avenue, Monday - Friday 8am until 4pm.
For questions regarding the transfer request process, please contact Mike Kurtz at 615-449-6060